Technology Transfer Office

Technology Transfer Office - TTO UG

University of Gdańsk's Technology Transfer Office (Centrum Transferu Technologii Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego - CTT UG) is an institution established at the University of Gdańsk in 2014 for the purpose of taking advantage of the intelectual and technological University's potential and the scientific research results' transfer to the economy. TTO UG's mission is to bring together industry partners, entrepreneurs, and investors to help University of Gdańsk's researchers solve important problems and improve quality of life worldwide. 

TTO UG supports development of science and business by: 

  • supporting researchers in the process of the scientific research results' commercialization,
  • cooperating with the scientific research teams during technology transfer procedure,
  • promoting and commercialization of the scientific research results in collaboration with patent attorneys,
  • the Univeristy of Gdańsk's intellectual property management,
  • the scientific research services' coordinating and contracting,
  • forming and transforming of the legal partnerships and companies with the University of Gdańsk as a shareholder.


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