Faculty of Law and Administration

The Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk, the roots of which date to the seventeenth century, is the most important center of legal thought in the Pomorska region. The faculty employs nearly 150 teaching and research staff members, of whom thirty-eight are independent scholars (professors) and nearly seventy are doctors of law. Many of these staff members have not only achieved recognition worldwide, but they are also extremely experienced legal practitioners, and include representatives of the bar and other corporations, administrations, and the world of business. The staff and graduates of the Faculty of Law and Administration count among their ranks many representatives of the legal professions, including Supreme Court judges, high ranking state officials (ministers) and representatives of local governments, and prominent business people.

Staff member research and know-how at the Faculty is divided among sixteen departments, one unit, one laboratory, and one center, each with a distinct research focus:

  1. Department of History of Law,
  2. Department of Administrative Proceedings and Administrative Court Proceedings,
  3. Department of Civil Procedure,
  4. Department of Administrative Law,
  5. Department of Civil Law,
  6. Department of European Law and Comparative Law,
  7. Department of Financial Law,
  8. Department of Public Economic Law and Environmental Protection Law,
  9. Department of Commercial and Private International Law,
  10. Department of Material Criminal Law and Criminology,
  11. Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics,
  12. Department of Constitutional Law and Political Institutions,
  13. Department of Public International Law,
  14. Department of Maritime Law,
  15. Department of Labor Law,
  16. Department of Theory and Philosophy of Law and State,
  17. Human Rights Law Unit,
  18. Laboratory of Legal Informatics,
  19. Center for Intellectual Property Rights.

In addition to the primary areas of academic pursuit mentioned above, research and expertise include all current issues associated with creating, applying, interpreting, complying with, and enforcing the law.

Detailed information is available at: http://prawo.ug.edu.pl/dzialalnosc_naukowa/badania_naukowe_4

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