Faculty of History

Faculty of History  - Research and Expert Services for Companies

The faculty at the Institute of Archeology and Ethnology conducts multi-scale, archeological salvage research (reconnaissance, surveys, excavations), before any industrial projects are undertaken. The Institute also prepares expert opinions and full documentation of objects of old material culture.

The faculty of the Institute of Art History prepares historical and architectural documentation of architectural structures, dates them, and assesses their historic value. They also prepare opinions regarding works of art (e.g., sculpture, paintings, arts and crafts objects), including dating them, establishing their artistic provenance, sometimes determining authorship, and assessing market value. The Institute faculty is also knowledgeable about the most important works of art in Poland, Europe, and the rest of the world, which means they can also plan excursions with a focus on culture.

The faculty of the Institute of History conducts historical research in the fields of Polish history and world history from antiquity to modern times, genealogical research, and teaching. Moreover, it also offers archival services, including managing, reorganizing, culling, etc., to both public and private institutions.

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