Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

Institute of Experimental Physics

The synthesis and structural characterization of materials having luminescence properties, which are used for lighting, as biomaterials in or in biosensing.
Spectroscopic studies of ion-beam collisions with gas targets at energies up to 30 keV.
Determination of solid surface energetics.
Determination of the acoustic physical quantities (velocity, compressibility andabsorption) characterizing any liquid compounds, in function of temperature and the mixtures composition.

Institute of Informatics

  1. Parallel and distributed computing
  2. Algorithm design and implementation, solving combinatorial problems
  3. Data analysis and business intelligence
  4. Training courses in statistical data analysis:
    • statistical methods in R language
    • MCMC simulation methods
  5. 3D modeling, visualization and video processing
  6. IT Research and Development projects
  7. Training courses in modern programming languages and software development tools

Institute of Mathematics

  1. Mathematical Modelling of different issues in Science and medicine.
  2. Statistical Computation
  3. Theoretic support for financial considerations relevant to stochastic models in mathematics in finance

Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics

Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics offers  research resources and expertize in the following fields:
computer simulations and mathematical modelling of various phenomena (physical, medical and economical).
The Institute has world-wide reputation in quantum information theory and can provide support for very innovative technologies in that field.

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