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Erasmus+ Internships

2021, January 11 - 12:13pm

Erasmus+ programme creates mobility opportunities for students and graduates of all three levels of study (bachelor, master or doctoral studies) to participate in an international practice. Mobility can be implemented in enterprices, scientific and research institutions or other types of organizations in countries taking part in Erasmus+ programme.

Countries participating in the Erasmus+ program:

• 28 European Union countries,

• countries of the European Economic Area: Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway,

• North Macedonia (previous FYROM)

• candidate countries: Serbia, Turkey


Who can apply?

- bachelor, master or doctoral students;

- graduates*

*The  mobility of graduate must take place within one year of graduation, and the length  is included in the total duration of capital mobility at the each level of study which student was qualified for. A candidate planning the mobility after defending his diploma thesis must take part in recruitment, which takes place during his last year of study but before defending his diploma thesis - when he still has the status of a student.


The UG Study Regulations determine the moment when a student becomes a graduate of a university:

Chapter 5 of the UG Regulations: "Diploma theses and examinations", § 27 point 3: If the diploma examination is taken after completion of the ordinary examination session

ending the degree programme in a given field of study, the Student maintains the student’s

rights till the day of the diploma examination except the right of financial assistance

specified in separate regulations§ 32 point 1: The degree programme is completed after the Student passed the diploma examination.


The ERASMUS+ practice mobility can not be implemented by:

- students taking a dean's leave or otherwise vacated;

- students and graduates who participated in the Leonardo da Vinci Program;

- students who used the entire mobility capital at an each level of study, i.e. completed Erasmus+ mobilities covering a total time of 12 months;

- participants who are receiving co-financing for mobility from another program financed by European Union funds (in particular PhD students who are employees of the UG, whose posts are financed from the so-called "projects").


Participants who:

  • benefited from co-financing under the PO WER agreement concluded in 2017, 2018 or 2019, may be re-financed from the PO WER funds only after obtaining individual consent from the National Agency of the Erasmus + Program;
  • will implement internships as graduates can not obtain funding from PO WER funds in the academic year 2020/2021. Such persons can realize mobility co-financed only from the budget of the Erasmus + program, i.e. without additional social support.



It is advisable that students who would like to participate in ERASMUS+ practice are on the minimum 2nd year of study to use their knowledge gained on the first year of bachelor studies. Participation in the Erasmus + interships program can not extend the duration of studies. The duration of intership need to be realized in available capital mobility (the length of stay for all study and practice LLP-ERASMUS and ERASMUS+ programs at all levels of study: bachelor, master, doctoral is 12 months, in case of long-cycle studies is 24 months.


Implementation dates: from 14th September 2020 till 17th September 2021


According to information from National Agency of ERASMUS+ Programme the University of Gdansk received in the academic year 2020/21 the amount to co-financing 107 interships from ERASMUS+ program including  7 internships from PO WER program with social co-financing. The quantity of interships is approximate if all students mobility will be realized to countries from 2nd group (ERASMUS+ payment rules- table nr 1) for maximum financing stay (5 months). Exact number of participants is depends on which countries will be selected by students and on duration of practice.

Admission to the program is decided by the order of personal submission, according to the "first come, first served" rule, of the set of required documents. Candidates are qualified in two separate lists depending on the source of financing: Erasmus + basic grant or a grant with the social welfare of PO WER.

Attention! Due to pandemic of  COVID-19, submission of recruitment document is changed until further notice:

-submission of recruitment documents is accepted via email (highly recommended is to secure the file by password)

-submission of documents is allowed only after prior call and arrangement an appointment.

Required documents:

1. Internship Form (original or copy),

2. Letter of Intent (original or copy),

Additional (if Participant apply for social co-financing):

- confirmation of receiving a social scholarship from the Financial Support Funds for UG Students and PhD students.  The document must state that Participant is receiving a social scholarship at the time of submitting application documents

Recruitment dates

Recruitment for ERASMUS+ internship in the academic year 2020/2021 will start on June 22nd 2020 (Monday) and it will last until 9th July 2021 (Friday) until 14:00.

In the event of "saturation" of all places (the use of all available funds for internships by our office), it will be possible to submit documents to the reserve list.

Place of submission of documents:

Erasmus Exchange Office

Rectorate of the University of Gdansk, room 202 (2nd floor)

contact: +48 58 523 31 22,+48 58 523 2467, e-mail: bwzs@ug.edu.pl


Departure procedure

  • Activities before the mobility
  • Activities during the mobility
  • Activities after the mobility- settlement

Activities before the mobility:

I. Recruitment

II. Financial agreement


I. Recruitment

a) Searching the host institution

  • Student is searching the host institution by himself where he would like to do the traineeship and establish a contact. Student is searching this institution in the same way as when he is looking for a job. Student can use the website: www.erasmusintern.org/traineeships
  • Profile of the host institution and tasks performed during the internship must be directly related to the field of study, ensure the use of competences acquired during the studies and enable the acquisition of new skills.
  • These tasks must guarantee work in an international environment and development of competences appropriate for working is such an environment
  • An internship requires full- time work specified at the host institution
  • The internship cannot be carried out in:
  • European Union Institutions
  • European Union Institutions managing the programs of EU
  • at the diplomatic missions of the candidate's home country

b) Establishing the duration of the internship

  • The shortest possible duration of the internship is 2 months/60 days. The maximum duration is 5 months/150 days (if the mobility capital has not been used). However, it is possible for students to do internship for a longer period, without funding.
  • The start and ending day of mobility should not fall on a Sunday or any other day off.
  • If student would like to calculate the minimum period of stay entitling him to obtain a grant, he can use the ”Erasmus+ duration calculator” on the bottom of the page (xls file).



  • In case of using any other Erasmus+ module (mobility), it is necessary to do full settlement of previous mobility and after that  participant can conclude the next financial agreement.
  • It is unacceptable to shorten the declared/ defined internship as a two months to less than 60 days (calculating according to the rules of Erasmus+ program)- this mobility would be unauthorized, which result to return the grant awarded. In case of any doubts in this matter, please contact the Erasmus+ Exchange Office.

c)   Obtaining a Letter of Intent

  • At the request of interested party the selected institution confirms that the  participant is accepted for an internship by preparing a Letter of Intent (attachment at the bottom of the page)
  • When student is looking for a host institution he can benefit from contacts between the research workers of their home and foreign institutions. In this case the Letter of Intent is also required.

  d)  Fulfilling the Traineeship form with obtaining the acceptance of  Faculty/Institutional Coordinator.

  • After receiving the Letter of Intent from the host institution, student must obtain approval (signatures) of planning mobility from the Faculty/ Institute Coordinator and the Dean/Vice- Dean of the home Faculty at the Traineeship form (attachment at the bottom of the page) previously completed by the applicant.
  • The candidate should meet the requirements set for applicants by the Faculty/ Institutional Coordinator regarding the language skills, academic achievements or other determinant

 e) Submission of recruitment documents at Erasmus Exchange Office,(UG Rectorate,  2nd floor, room 202).


The candidate submits a set of documents:

1. Letter of Intent (copy or original)

2. Erasmus+ Internship form (copy or original)

3. In case of candidate is applying for funding from PO WER funds, it is necessary to attach a certificate of receiving a social scholarship valid at the time of submitting the application documents.

  • The order of applications decides that participant is qualified to program. Only submission of a complete set of documents will reserve the place and allocate the funds for particular mobility.
  • After submitting all required documents student will get the guidelines about next steps of procedure.


Important! Due to COVID-19 epidemic the method of submitting recruitment documents has been changed:

  • It is acceptable to send all documents via email (set of documents in one email). It is highly recommended to send documents in password-protected file.

The set of documents is:

1. Letter of Intent (pdf.)

2. Traineeship form (pdf.)

3. In case of candidate is applying for funding from PO WER funds, it is necessary to attach a certificate of receiving a social scholarship valid at the time of submitting the application documents (pdf.).

  • It is acceptable to submit documents personally by prior arranged appointment (call).
  • The order of applications decides that participant is qualified to program. Only submission of a complete set of documents will reserve the place and allocate the funds for particular mobility.


II. Financial agreement

Before departure, the condition for obtaining funding for an internship from the Erasmus + program is the conclusion the financial agreement between the student and the University of Gdansk.

ATTENTION! Due to COVID-19 epidemic, the method of signing the financial agreement between a student and the University of Gdansk has been changed till further notice:

 Signing financial agreement via post (preferred)

- In order to discuss the required documentation and arrangements regarding to correspondence conclusion of the contract, it is necessary to call the Erasmus Exchange Office (+48 58 523 24 67 or +48 58 523 31 22) about 3 weeks before the start date of planned mobility.

- Erasmus Exchange Office will verify your application documents in ESRS system and period of traineeship to prepare the financial agreement.

- The Beneficiary verifies the data and the content of the financial agreement (in order to clarify any inconsistencies Student immediately contact with Erasmus Exchange Office via e-mail or phone). After that, Beneficiary download the financial agreement, prints it out of two copies and after signing every page:

  • sends both signed copies via post to the address of Erasmus Exchange Office, 8 Jana Bażyńskiego street, 80-309, Rectorate, room 202,


  • at the appointed time (every Monday from 8-15, Student can personally submit both signed copies to Erasmus Exchange Office, room 202,

-After receiving the documents, the University representative (Erasmus Exchange Office employee), on behalf of the UG Rector, signs 2 copies of the financial agreement and upload a scan of the fully signed contract in the ESRS system on the Beneficiary’s individual account.

-the original contract remains to be picked up in person at the convenient time previously agreed by phone or on request it is send via post to the address specified by Beneficiary.

2. Signing the financial agreement during personal appointment in Erasmus Exchange Office (in exceptional cases)

-In order to discuss the required documentation and schedule a visit in Erasmus Exchange Office, it is necessary to contact the beneficiary by phone (+48 58 523 24 67 or +48 58 523 31 22) about 3 weeks before the planned date of departure.

 -during a personal visit in the office (previously arranged by call), the financial agreement is signed by both parties. During the visit the Beneficiary is obliged to wearing a mask and follow the rules of social distancing.

Place of signing the contract:

University of Gdansk,

Erasmus Exchange Office,

Rectorate room 202, 2nd floor.

Before signing the contract, regardless the method of signing the financial agreement, the Participant is obliged to:

a) complete an initial language test in the OLS system- Online Linguistics Support (at least 2 days before signing the contract),

b) register on the ’’Odyseusz” website operated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (https://odyseusz.msz.gov.pl/) - applies only to Polish citizens

c) fulfill data and required documents in the ESRS system 

Activities during the mobility

  • If changes to the Training Agreement (TA) are required, please update the TA.
  • Student have 30 days from the start date to update new TA.

The update consists in completing the section " Section to be completed during the mobility” (page 6 of the TA document) and obtaining the acceptance of these changes from receiving and sending institution (signatures). Dates of the signatures need to confirm the changes made  in the first month if the internship.

  • Students and graduates who have been allocated to OLS language course ale obliged to complete it during their internship.
  • Before leaving the host institution, the trainee receives a certificate of the completion of the internship along with an opinion about the trainee, prepared by the tutor in the host institution (Traineeship Certificate form attached).
  • It is possible to extend the period of stay beyond the duration of the internship agreed in TA, but this does not change the amount of funding. For this purpose, no later than 2 weeks before the planned end of the stay, the trainee should:

1. Notify SOP Erasmus + about changing the time of stay;

2. Indicate in TA, in the field: "Planned period of the mobility" in part IV "Section to be completed during the mobility" (page 6), agreed with the host institution and approved changed (extended) period of stay;

3. Obtain the signatures of the Faculty/Institutional Coordinator and the Dean (Vice-Dean) on part IV of the TA scan: such document should be returned to the student by the scan;

4. Provide evidence of health insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance at the place of practice covering an extended period of stay.

5. At the latest of the last day of the contract validity, sign an annex changing the period of stay of the internship.

Activities after the mobility- settlement

1. After the end of stay at the host institution, it is necessary to  settlement of the mobility. It must take place within two weeks from the end of the internship (indicated in Confirmation of Traineeship Period).

2. The settlement consists of:

- fulfill an on-line Survey (automatically sent by European Commission's IT tool to the trainee’s email address shortly after the planned end date of mobility)-optional;

- submitting to Erasmus Exchange Office Traineeship Certificate and Confirmation of Traineeship Period completely signed by all parties (original or a scan from authenticated source)

- uploading the Training Agreement in ESRS system (including program changes, if any)

-uploading in ESRS system the evidence of implementation the internship abroad when practice was realized in hybrid manner- boarding passes, tickets, tenancy agreement and proof of payments by cash or card.

After the settlement of all documents, the trainee will receive the second tranche of the grant within 30 days.

Erasmus Exchange Office, Rectorate, 2nd floor, room 202

Mon-Tue and Thu-Fri from 9.00 till 14.00

Wednesday – closed