Permissions to create and run e-learning classes in Education Portal


Every Teacher (running classes under civil law contracts as well), who wants to use e-learning system of the University of Gdansk, must have an authorization to process the personal data as part of the activity Providing education in the form of e-learning specified in the activity register, the shortened version of which is available on the website:

To check permissions it is enough to confirm the possibility of creation new classes after logging in to the Education Portal on the website: Click on Here and check on the next page, if you can create new classes.


Check your permissions - click TUTAJ/HERE

  • If we don’t have Add Class button, follow the described procedure below.
  • If we see the button before escalation of the lack of an O365 account in student tenant, check received e-mail with password for the first login to the student tenant.


The IT Center creates accounts in the student tenants for persons with such permissions by sending an e-mail notification each time. Such an account is sufficient to run classes.

All classes online conducted in the academic year 2020/2021 should be implemented at the user level in the student tenant, not in the employee tenant so far. To be able to have control over people participating in our classes participants should absolutely be required to log into their Office 365 student accounts enforcing the requirement by setting the meeting option according to the instructions How to prepare an invitation to online meeting?

In the absence of valid authorization, please:

  1. Unless we have had training – log in to the Education Portal and undergo the training from protection of personal data named “Main rules of personal data processing”. The link to the training will be visible after logging in on the main website of the Education Portal in “My Courses” section.

Choose training: Main rules of personal data proseccing / Ogólne zasady przetwarzania danych osobowych

After reading the material in the course, you must confirm the completion of the course clicking on the link at the “Statement” section. There will be visible message by the right confirmation: “Confirmation. Thank you for the confirmation of participation in the training!”

Approve the statement

The screen confirming completion of training on the rules of personal data processing:

 Trainig confirmation will be displayed.

Attention! In the case of informational message about the lack of permissions when trying to confirm the training – you should log in to the Education Portal one more time and open the course, and next confirm by clicking on the link at the end of the course.

  1. Send the application in the Employee Portal using the tab “ODO Requests”.

Send application via the 'Wnioski ODO' tab

After clicking “Generate request” button, you must to fill in this form choosing:

  • Person – point yourself
  • Within: in the case of running classes in a remote form you must choose: UG
  • Process: Didactics and Development
  • Activity: Running classes in the e-learning form
  • Indicate which category of people applies the request, whether it will be classes with students, doctoral student or employees of University of Gdansk
  • Indicate the system: Education Portal
  • Access mode: Read-only
  • The period: from the date indicated in the application, not earlier than the day of filling, to the final date of employment contract
  • The reason: for example running classes

Filling in the form to ODO request

After sending the request you must wait for accepting it. Status of a document will be visible in the “ODO Requests” tab in the Education Portal.

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