Faculty of Management

Research at the Faculty of Management is conducted in three disciplines: economics, finance, and management. This research is either fundamental in nature, or it strives to find valuable solutions that are applicable in business practice.

The Faculty conducts expert studies in finance on issues such as capital costs and optimization in companies, forecasting financial credibility and the threat of insolvency, and tax optimization and its impact on the financial performance of companies. Companies can contract the Faculty to undertake studies on issues including building enterprise worth and company valuation, risk analysis methods, development of company accounting and  controlling systems, implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in both companies and financial institutions, insurance systems, applying multivariate statistical analysis systems, and determining patterns of best business practice.

The Faculty also conducts research on topics from the fields of human resources management (e.g., employee evaluation systems, training, motivation systems), real estate management strategies, quality management tools and techniques for improving company environmental performance, project management, building corporate image, developing marketing strategies, innovative IT solutions, creating databases and data warehouses, small businesses computerization, and business processes simulations.

Detailed information concerning the research conducted by the various departments of the Faculty can be found at www.wzr.ug.edu.pl.



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