Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdańsk cooperates actively with the business community, which is a significant source of knowledge and experience for business interns.

This is apparent on many levels: the Faculty's Council of Experts draws together representatives of leading companies and provides a forum for developing joint projects between the academic and business communities.

These include, among other things, opening new courses of studies and specializations in response to the requirements of potential employers, conducting joint research projects, and cooperating to submit joint applications for funding from European Union programs.

The services offered by the Faculty of Economics are not only used by Polish organizations, institutions, and enterprises, but also by foreign ones.

The Faculty of Economics has for many years provided employees of enterprises in our region of Poland with opportunities to streamline their knowledge through postgraduate and MBA programs. We create and consult on training programs, and we offer workshops and seminars for entrepreneurs in many fields, including on issues pertaining to how businesses function, marketing, personnel policy, and aspects of transport and logistics

The Faculty of Economics participates in development projects for the Gdańsk Pomorska Region. By conducting projects financed from European sources and cooperating with Pomorska enterprises and institutions, we assist graduates in building entrepreneurial foundations and undertaking their own business projects.

Increasing numbers of Faculty of Economics lecturers are representatives of local businesses, usually managers, who are well versed in the daily real-world challenges of running businesses or organizations.

Thanks to these faculty, we are able to link theory with practice effectively and even better prepare students for work in the professional world of business.

Cooperation with leading companies such as Thomson Reuters, SAP, ACCA, and OSTC ensures that students enter the labor market with the appropriate training.

The Faculty's cooperates with businesses to provide internships that permit students to seek solutions for real company problems, and includes aspect of market analysis, competition, marketing, and even the appearance of internet sites.

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