Faculty of Oceanography and Geography

GIS Center

The main aim of GIS Centre is teaching and consulting in Geographic Information Systems at the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography. We also carry out a  scientific projects mainly in a remote sensing and polar research.  As a recognized experts in a geoinformation technology in northern Poland we offer a variety of courses including GIS programing and developing a new GIS applications. We are prepared for delivery of geographic information products and projects for a wide range of professional markets. Knowledge and experience of research workers guarantee high quality of results and products: maps (e.g. vulnerability, suitability or sales map), reports, and tools created for required task.

Institute of Geography of University of Gdańsk

The Institute of Geography can provide the expertise in the following areas:

  1. water circulation in the natural and anthropogenically transformed areas, including in the areas of "Natura 2000", by using the modern research equipment, laboratory facilities, techniques and GIS tools.
  2. the climatic conditions for performing business.
  3. Studies of the natural-spatial conditions, such as: eco-physiographic studies, environmental impact assessment, impact assessment of planned investments on the cultural environment, environmental programs and instruments in the field of planning, studies of the structure and functioning of coastal and lake districts, audits landscape and modeling using GIS /remote sensing data.

Institute of Oceanography of University of Gdańsk

The Institute of Oceanography offers for the business partners the following areas of scientific interdisciplinary expertise:

  1. New forms of the use of Baltic marine biological resources (blue biotechnology, sustainable aquaculture, cultivating and using of marine organisms in order to counteract eutrophication, algae cultivation);
  2. Innovative techniques for effective and sustainable exploration and exploatation of various  types of marine resourses;
  3. Tools of implementation of an ecosystem approach for:
  • innovative „Blue Growth” of marine and maritime business which should be based on the evaluation of human impact on marine environment
  • effective management of marine areas including nature protection and sustainable exploatation of marine resources.

The Institute also educates specialists who understand the uniqueness and complexity of Baltic ecosystems and know how professionally exploit different kinds of marine resources and effectively manage the marine areas. The offer of expertise of the Institute of Oceanography of University of Gdańsk is designed according to the Pomeranian marine and maritime Smart Specialisation.

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