Cookie policy (cookies) in main website of the University of Gdańsk

This cookie policy (cookies) applies to the main website of the University of Gdansk located in the domain. By using our website you consent to their (cookie) use, according to the current settings of your browser.

Data collection

The following information is stored in the main web server log files:

  • Information about the user’s browser at the time of registration and logging to specific services,
  • Information collected during service use. It could be:
    • server logs – most of the services in the world, including those belonging to the University, automatically save data such as: page request posted by user, date and time of the request, device data, IP address, information about the user’s browser, operating system type, information about errors that have occurred.
    • cookies – small text files sent by websites which the users visit and saved on the device (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet), on which the page was opened.

Use of data

Collected logs are stored for an indefinite period as an auxiliary material used for administering the site. Information contained therein is not disclosed to anyone except for persons authorised to administer the website. Based on log files, statistics helpful in administration-related purposes may be generated. Collective summaries in the form of such statistics do not contain any features that identify visitors to the website.

Cookies used by

In the main website of University, cookies are used for three main tasks: gather anonymous, aggregated visit statistics, supporting website amenities and authentication of users on these websites, where logging in is required. Third-party cookies such as Google, Facebook are used in the main website of University. The table below explains the types of cookies we use on our website. 


University of Gdansk cookies

Cookie Name





session cookie, expiring upon completing of work on a website that requires logging in, stores the identifier necessary to maintain the condition



determinates if a usage prompt has been displayed



checks if the browser supports javascript

Third-party cookies


Google Analytics

This cookie does not expire and tracks the number of visits to a page by the same user, date of the first and last access to the page. Used to generate visit statistics of Google.



Two cookies B and C track the time the user enters and exits the page, to determinate the length of the visit. Used to generate visit statistics of Google. Both cookies are, without going into details, session files, they expire after finishing work on the website.



This cookie stores information about the place, where the user came from, what kind of browser the user used, which link the user clicked on and which keyword in the browser the user used. Expires after 6 months.

_ga, _gat

Used to generate visit statistics of Google.


How to change your browser settings to manage cookies?

Most browsers are set to accept cookies. You can change these settings so that they are partially or completely blocked. Complete blocking of cookies will make it impossible to log into these websites of University of Gdansk, which require logging in. You may withdraw collecting statistical data in Google Analytics on the website

You can find instructions regarding withdraw of collecting statistic data through CrazyEgg on the website

Cookies settings can be changed in browser settings.

  • In Firefox:Tools>Options>Privacy Tab: History>check box “will use user settings” or link “delete individual cookies”
  • In Chrome: Settings>Show Advanced Settings>Privacy>Content Settings>Cookies
  • In Internet Explorer: Tools>Internet Options>Privacy (allows you to select different security levels)>Advanced>override automatic cookies handling
  • In Opera: Settings>Preferences>Advanced>Cookies
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