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University of Gdańsk, with co-operation with Microsoft, provides all of its students and PhD. students with free access to Office 365 service, for the duration of the course

With Office 365 you get:

  • Electronic mail (e-mail) in domain.
  • Install version of Office 365 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access) for 5 Windows or macOS devices, 5 tablets (including iPads), and 5 smartphones.
  • 1 TB of personal disk space on OneDrive.
  • access to a cloud-based version of Office - Office Online.
  • Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Sway.
  • Microsoft Kaizala.
  • Office Delve.

How to get O365 login at the Gdansk University? 

  • 0:51 Logging to Students Portal
  • 1:17 Requesting Office 365 account
  • 2:01 Setting up new O365 password

How to use?

  1. Access to Office 365 service is activated from Student's Portal, under Office 365 tab, by accepting the Terms Of Use.

    1. Go to tab Office 365

    2. Read and accept the Terms Of Use
      eng office 365 accept terms and conditions

    3. Click button named send and wait up to 24 hours for your account
      eng instr Office 365 wait

    4. After maximum of 24 hours you should your login credentials should appear
      instr eng Office 365 login credentials

  2. After the account is created and activated, you need to log in onto  with the login and password from Student's Portal/Office 365 and change the password.

  3. To install Office 365 on your device please follow the instruction: Instrukcja instalacji i logowania dla studentów.

Resetting password

  1. Resetting password to the service is available through Student's Portal, under the tab Office 365:

    reset ENG

  2. After clicking button [ reset password ] you should see a password is being resetted

  3. After 2-5 minutes you should see your new temporary password.
    This could require refreshing the page, but it is best to go to another tab and come back, since some browsers send the form again and the whole resetting procedure starts anew.

  4. Temporary password is valid for 90 days.

  5. After obtaining new temporary password go to and put in your login and new temporary password then change your password as prompted.


Infografika: Office 365 to: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, One Drive, Note na 5 komputerach, 5 tabletach oraz 5 smartfonach

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