Internet in dormitories and hotels

For connecting to the Internet in a dormitory or in an assistant's hotel you need to follow these steps:

  1. If you are in Dormitories Number 3 and 4, you can connect to Wi-Fi: eduroam. More details on:

In all dormitories you can connect via ethernet cable. To do so:
  1. Buy an ethernet cable (RJ-45), and if you don't have an ethernet card on your laptop, buy one too (on USB).

  2. Connect your computer's ethernet card to an ethernet socket in you room's wall. Only one socket will work! 

  3. Obtain the MAC address of you ethernet card (If it's on USB, it might have its MAC printed on it).
    On Windows, you need to start cmd.exe and put in ipconfig -all. Look for Ethernet adapter ethernet (usually top of the list, you might need to scroll up). E.g.:

    Windows 10 finding MAC address

  4. Make sure you have DHCP and Autoconfiguration set on Yes. If you're already connected via cable, you will probably see an IPv4 address starting with 169.254... (it's wrong but that means DHCP is properly enabled)

  5. The form to fill out should be available at the reception desk or administration. You can also download a copy here:

    Statement of User - FORM [pdf]

  6. Due to Covid-19, please leave your Statement of User on the reception in your dormitory/hotel. Filled forms will be registered by the dorm's/hotel's administration or sent to the Computer Center and registered by us. It usually take a couple of working days.


Name and surname Room number Hours
Network admins:
DS3 Aliaksei Kirsanau 420  
DS10 Przemysław Spychalski 404B  
DS11 Adrian Leoniec HA2 205  
HA1 Patryk Poborski 335  
HA2 Adrian Leoniec 205  


In the hotel the Internet costs a fee. To stop using it (and paying), please inform us or the hotel's administration about your resignation.

Terms of use are on the bottom of your Statement of user.

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