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Erasmus Student Network

Erasmus Student Network

2021, April 15 - 3:37pm


ESNAbout the organization

ESN is a non-profit student organization that operates in the whole Europe and is supported by the European Commission. The main goal of ESN is to support and develop programs of international student exchange and internships. The organization’s motto is "Students helping students".

The Inter-faculty Students Circle of the University of Gdansk “Erasmus Student Network Uniwersytet Gdański” (ESN UG Gdansk) is a well-integrated group of students from the University of Gdansk who decided to devote their free time to organize various projects for Erasmus people as well as for the Polish students. The events organization is first of all gaining many new experiences that are useful for life and future job but also, it is a great fun.

More information about the activity of ESN UG are available on the website:  http://ug.esn.pl/en and on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ESN.UG.Gdansk