Apple iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad

1. Certificate Installation

To install certificates you need to open your default browser on your iPhone or iPad, go to Student's Portal (students) or Employee's Portal (employees), click on tab "WiFi network at the UG / Sieć bezprzewodowa UG". and download both certificates onto your device

After the download of each certificate you will be redirected to "Settings" for installation. In both cases you will see a warning that the authenticity cannot be verified or that the certificate is unsigned. This is normal, install the certificate regardless. When installing private certificate you will have to input the password you have set when creating it on the Portal.

2. Connecting to Eduroam for the first time

When on the campus, select eduroam from availables WiFi networks. In the field "user" put in your id (like Change mode form "Automatic" to "EAP-TLS". That's when the field "Identity" should show up. Select this field and check the previously installed private certificate. Next, click "Connect". You will be asked to accept certifiacte for RADIUS UG. After confirmation you should be connected to eduroam.

Uwaga: if you were trying to connect to eduroam before, your device may remember the previously set parameters. In this case you have to "forget" old eduroam settings first by clicking a small blue arrow next to eduroam network and select "forget network".

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