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Biuro Współpracy Międzynarodowej
2020, May 15 - 10:56am

1. UG dormitories

International students enrolled for the first year of studies at the University of Gdansk may apply for accommodation in dormitories.

Students  applying for accommodation in dormitories in Foreign Student Office

  • NON-EU citizens
  • NAWA scholars
  • Visegrad scholars


Students applying for accommodation in dormitories via Student’s Portal:

EU citizens

NON-EU citizens, holding one of the following documents:

  • Card of the Pole (Karta Polaka)
  • permanent residence permit in Poland
  • formal decision on Polish origin
  • refugee status granted by the Republic of Poland
  • temporary protection in the territory of Poland
  • subsidiary protection in the territory of Poland
  • long-term residence permit of the EU
  • spouses, children and parents of the Polish citizen, if residing in the territory of Poland
  • Polish language certificate issued by PKPZJP (min. C1 level)
  • temporary residence permit on the basis of art. 159 sec.1 or art. 186 sec. 1 pt. 3 or 4 of the Act of 12 December 2013  on foreigners


Foreign Students Office

8 Bażyńskiego Street,         80-309 Gdańsk                    room 207 (2nd floor)

email: fso@ug.edu.pl         phone: +48 58 523 25 56


Department of Student Social Affairs
1a Bażyńskiego Street, 80-309 Gdańsk, room 111 (first floor)
e-mail: domystudenckie@ug.edu.pl
phone: +48 58 523 24 25


The University of Gdańsk offers accommodation in dormitories located in Gdansk and Sopot. Cost of accommodation is ca. 120 euro per month. Double and triple rooms are available. All rooms have internet access, the cost of which is included in the standard rent. The safety of residents is assured by the University’s professional  security guards. Depending on the particular dormitory, facilities include: kitchens, quiet rooms for study, laundry facilities.



Dormitory 7, Sopot, street Armii Krajowej 111

  Dormitory No. 7 DS 7





Dormitory 3, Gdańsk, street Polanki 65

Dormitory 4, Gdańsk , street Polanki 66

Dormitory 5, Gdańsk , street Polanki 64

Dormitory 10, Gdańsk , street Macierzy Szkolnej 4


DS 5   DS5



Dormitory 6, Gdańsk, street Podwale  Przedmiejskie 20

DS 6



Dormitory 11, Gdańsk, street Chodkiewicza 14

DS 11  DS11


2. Private apartments