Student dormitories – The University of Gdańsk has a wide range of accommodation in its student dormitories located all over the Three Cities.  Depending on the particular dormitory, facilities include: kitchens, quiet rooms for study, laundry facilities, drying rooms, and even exercise facilities. We also have rooms adapted to meet the needs of handicapped students. Monthly cost of accommodation varies from dormitory to dormitory, but is in the range of 300-500 zł. A list of student dormitories can be found at:


Rented rooms/flats and apartments – if you want to rent a room or a flat, visit or Renting a room can cost in the region of 300-600zł a month. Renting a flat/apartment costs in the region of 1200-2000 zł a month, depending on size. Students typically get together to rent apartments in a group in order to lower individual costs. 

Hotels – If you’re only in the Three Cities for a short time, there’s a wide range of hotels with a wide range of price and quality throughout the Three Cities. For details see:

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